When Bullying is Referred to as “Darwinism,” “Natural Selection,” or “Survival of the Fittest”

When Bullying is Referred to as “Darwinism,” “Natural Selection,” or “Survival of the Fittest”

I cringe any time I hear people refer to bullying as “Darwinism,” “Natural Selection,” or “Survival of the Fittest” and he words that immediately flash to my mind are “cop out,” “trivializing,” and “excuses.” People who duck behind these rationalizations are implying:

  • Bullying is completely normal and natural
  • Victims of bullying are weak and/or undesirable and must be eliminated from the human race
  • Bullying is required for survival of the human race

I’m assuming you’re reasonable and can see how outrageously thoughtless that attitude is. Allow me to rebut each, one by one:

  • Bullying is anything but normal or natural. It is brutal, malicious, hurtful and cowardly.
  • Victims of bullying are NOT weak, nor are they undesirable! They are often exceptional people with brilliant minds. Many celebrities, CEO’s, inventors, writers, scientists, doctors and professors were bullied when they were young, people ranging from Benjamin Franklin to Chris Rock!
  • Not only is bullying not required for the survival of the Human race, it can lay the groundwork to destroy it. You need look no further than the Nazis bullying Jews in the years before World War I—it escalated over the years and led to horrible atrocities.

Now, do you still think bullying is necessary for survival of our species?

Bullying is never okay. And if you’re a victim, I want to assure you that it does not mean you are defective in any way—it means only that you are an individual who is brave enough to think outside the box and that you don’t “follow the herd.” Those are characteristics you should be proud of. They can lead you far and my one day lead you to help change society.

So don’t give up. Give yourself a chance!

About the Author

Cherie White

Cherie White, both a writer and author, joined the team after being discovered by Brian through her own personal blog and through social media. She has been writing ever since she was ten years old and has a love for writing articles, short stories and novels. She became intrigued with the new Pyngby app because it helps victims pinpoint victims and their harassers for easy protection and litigation if need be. Because she experienced severe bullying from sixth grade until changing schools during her last year of high school, she has a passion for spreading bullying awareness and helping those who are bullied and abused today. Her goal is to bring down the suicide rate among bullied children, teens and young adults. Her debut novel, “From Victim to Victor” is available now at LuLu. Cherie looks forward to helping victims through Watchdog Creative.

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