10 Signs Your Son is Being Bullied

10 Signs Your Son is Being Bullied

In his blog post this week, St. Louis-based therapist, consultant, and facilitator Dr. Clay Lessor addresses the 10 signs to watch for if your son is being bullied.

Dr. Lessor provides some great advice, both in what to watch for and how to help. The symptoms he describes, though individually often common in adolescents, when combined are a huge red lag any parent should watch for and take action on. He provides not only the unfortunate profile many bullies seek out in victims, but also the sad truth behind many bullies.

When it comes to the action he recommends to help your bullied son, his insight and advice are equally strong. Though difficult, it’s spot-on, aligning with the truth we see posted time and again: Self-confidence is the most effective shield against bullying for any kid. Difficult and hard to develop, yes, but still the most effective. Even with that, to end the bullying a young person faces requires the adults to intervene.

As Dr. Lessor reminds us, hoping a bully will stop doesn’t work.

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