Beyond Protection: 3 Ways Pyngby Can Save You Money

Beyond Protection: 3 Ways Pyngby Can Save You Money

Pyngby is a great phone app. It provides protection from in-person harassment and harassment over the phone. But in addition to shielding users, another thing it offers users is the ability to save money. Yes, using Pyngby can reduce wasted time and save unnecessary expenses. Here are three ways Pyngby can save you money:

  1. Saves time in contract negotiation – Say you’re working with a client to develop specific terms for a project. As you discuss, various points and requirements may get lost, and when you outline and detail the conversation into a plan and contract, some things may get lost. With Pyngby, you can record the entire conversation and then use that recording to draft the plan or contract using all the specific details, without losing anything or having to go back to the client to discuss again some point. Pyngby can remember it all for you and save you time – and as we all know, time is money.
  2. Regains wasted time and helps put careers back on track – Stanford University’s Bill Sutton has suggested that productivity declines by as much as 40% when a worker is distracted by bullying or harassment. In other words, some people are losing nearly half of their time at work dealing with the effects of bullying or harassment situation. These people are either not getting work done – which typically translates to lower performance evaluations, reduced pay raises, and less access to promotion, leading again to reduced opportunity for pay raises. So, the harassment not only creates all the mental and emotional turmoil for harassed individuals, but on top of it all, it ultimately cuts their income and their ability to earn a living in the future. Pyngby is one of the best tools available help people put an end to the harassment they face. With powerful recording and storage abilities, Pyngby helps them gather evidence to present to authorities and end the abuse they face so they can reclaim control in their lives – and put their careers and earnings back on track.
  3. Saves medical and educational expenses for their children – Bullying in school can be devastating for kids and bullied kids can suffer both physical harm and emotional harm. This translates to medical bills for injuries (which the Journal of Bullying and Social Aggression said costs school districts across between $300,000 and $4.2 million dollars in damages and/or reimbursement of medical bills) as well as counseling for the bullied child. According to Psychology Today, bullying incidents can cause long-lasting depression, low self-image, and emotional hypersensitivities in the bullied child. This can lead not just to expensive counseling, but reduced academic achievement in the bullied child – which, depending on their age, can have a negative impact on his or her ability to earn scholarships and actually raise the potential cost of his or her college education.Pyngby makes collecting proof of bullying easy, as it records and saves bullying communications and interactions (both in-person and phone/texting) in an evidentiary format that is both compelling and actionable for a principal or other school officials.

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