I will be recommending the Pyngby [StopHarassingMeNow] app to my clients who are involved with abusive partners. It will help them set clear boundaries about the kind of contact they wish to have and, if needed, collect evidence for the legal system. With its clever cloud storage feature, a broken or lost phone can no longer cause evidence to be lost!

I have been a therapist to women, families, and children for at least 43 years and the majority of my clients come for professional help to regain control of their lives. What I see often is that women are intimidated and tend to question their own sense of needing to protect themselves. The Pyngby [Stop Harassing Me Now] App gives someone who’s harassed the opportunity to say to an abuser, “I have taken the first real step to make this public.” I look forward to seeing the app make a quantum difference in freedom for victims of harassment and bullying. Thank you for developing this service!

I was blown away by the Pyngby [Stop Harassing Me Now] App! I’ve personally known a college woman who was assaulted and stalked, a friend who was illegally harassed by collection agents, and a professional woman harassed at work, and this app is an amazing tool to empower the harassed and stop perpetrators in their tracks. It may be a sad commentary on the state of our society that this is needed. but, the Pyngby [Stop Harassing Me Now] App holds the possibility to provide peace for many women and children who face harassment and make our nation safer.

I have supported people through difficult transitions for over 30 years. In my experience people who have been victimized must find a way to validate their feelings, assure themselves that they are correct in feeling threatened, and mobilize themselves into constructive action. The Stop Harrassing Me app does all three. This app could be a victimized person’s best decision to own harassment evidence and get the help and support to end the abuse he or she’s endured.