About Watchdog Creative and Pyngby

Watchdog Creative provides technical services and solutions to help end harassment, bullying and help victims of abuse fight back, starting with their first app, ‘Pyngby’ (formerly called ‘Stop Harassing Me Now’). Watchdog’s ‘Pyngby’ app empowers those who are harassed, brutalized, or bullied, helping them document aggressions to aid in the justice process and to reclaim control in their lives.

Why we do, what we do

4.7 million Women are physically assaulted every year, and many millions more are harassed and verbally abused in person or over the phone. Millions of couples go through messy divorces every year, and the “he said”, “she said” that plays out in the courtroom often leaves these people with little recourse.

Millions of children are bullied and harassed on their phones, via text messages and on social media. We wanted a way to capture, protect and preserve evidence for the legal system to stop harassers, and to empower those who are brutalized to seek relief by helping to create and streamline evidence for courts, attorneys, school officials and other officials that can take action to stop these abusers in their tracks.

The ‘Pyngby’ App

How it works

The Pyngby website lets you pick a new phone number for which all incoming and outgoing calls and text messages are recorded. To a caller they are calling your Pyngby number, but you can answer those calls from the Pyngby app or any other configured mobile or traditional phone.

The app empowers the abused to proactively collect and then enable a legal authority, or other authority to intervene, and by using the evidence the app collects of the abuse, take appropriate action to quickly stop the harassment, bullying or abuse. The app easily retains a perpetrator’s messages and conversations, to the user’s Pyngby number, to help preserve them and ensure their admissibility in court. Recorded calls, texts and call history are saved in the company’s secured cloud.

Why is real-time protection in a secure cloud so important?

Other apps store recorded calls on the phone, and some apps store files in a folder synchronized to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or another general file storage provider. While these solutions work for personal backup, they do not protect against harassment scenarios.

  • Phone is stolen by criminal
  • Phone is destroyed by criminal (before backup / mid-call)
  • Criminal is able to delete recordings on the phone (and other cloud storage)
  • Evidence is manipulated
  • The phone fails / crashes
  • Phone is lost

‘Pyngby’ gets past all of these problems.

How much does it cost?

Plans start as low as $4.90 per month.

Price is for the individual plan billed annually ($58.80 per year). Individual plan includes up to 100 recorded call minutes per month and 300 texts per month. Unused minutes have no cash refund value. Any overage of call minutes or text messages beyond included amount is billed at the end of the month in which they were used at 0.8 cent per text and 1.9 cents per minute for calls within the United States (overage pricing varies by country).

Family and Business plans are also available.