Stand Up and Don’t Back Down

Stand Up and Don’t Back Down

Classmates, Coworkers, and Friends,

I am a freshman in college. I did my four years in public high school. I was the guy the jocks tolerated but did not consider a friend. I played football and ran track for a few years. I watched bullying happen. I heard peers describe details of their promiscuity and endeavors in ways I doubt their girlfriends or mothers would be happy with. I heard the bullying that happened. The only difference between me and the guys next to me who didn’t approve was that I said something. I said something when they threw dirt at freshman. I said something when they pushed freshman out of the way. I said something when they called freshman derogatory names.

Nothing happened.

Nobody backed me up. I could tell there was tension in the locker room every time I said something, but nobody came to my aid. A little sophomore telling a senior to back off? Nobody was dumb enough to step in on that mess. So I started to say less and less. I began to feel like bullies will be bullies no matter what. I kept to myself and let everyone be their own person.

I wish I hadn’t.

We all need to stand up and fight back. It may not seem like it is helping but every time a bully is called out, it gives the victim the realization that PEOPLE DO CARE. No matter what, we must stand with our peers, coworkers, classmates, and friends. Whether it is a mean word in the locker room or domestic violence, there are still those of us who will intervene when harm is being done.

We are calling on you to be a bystander no longer!

It takes courage to be proactive. But always remember: if you think something is wrong, so does most of the room. And if you say something, maybe someone else will have the courage to say something,too.

Be the change you want to see in the world. In other words, stand up and don’t back down

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Ed is a current Computer Science and Economics student who loves to create and develop new ideas. He is an intern with Watchdog Creative and focuses on marketing and user interactions. He joined the team in December 2016 after meeting Brian at an entrepreneurial event in St. Louis. He hopes that his efforts can help the company enact change for the better through writing and developing "out-there" ideas.

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