Bullied at School, Kid Gets Help From Local Bikers

Bullied at School, Kid Gets Help From Local Bikers

An Indiana sixth-grade student who’d been bullied to the point of considering suicide got help on the first day of school this year from one of the last groups most would expect:


According to WANE news, sixth-grader Phil Mick has been bullied in school for two years. “People would kick me and call me names,” he said. ”I really don’t tell people.”

Finally, he told his mother, who had long been suspicious of the bumps and bruises he regularly came home with. It was a painful conversation where her son confessed to considering suicide. That’s when she turned to Brent Warfield of KDZ Motorcycle Sales & Service. He told her he had a group of motorcyclists who have been working to raise awareness of bullying and teen suicide.

“We’re coming together to say enough is enough,” Warfield said.

So, on the first day of school, a group of more than 50 bikers met Phil and his parents and then escorted Phil to school—Phil’s first time on a motorcycle, and a first day of school he says he will never forget. And never will his mother. “Phil comes home every day smiling and he did not do that last year,” she said.

If you learn nothing else reading this, know this one thing: there’s help out there for you—and not always in the places or from the people you’d expect. The hard part is reaching out. But there are people who want to help you and can help you. You just have to tell someone.

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