The Positive Side to Having a Few Enemies

The Positive Side to Having a Few Enemies

What I’m about to tell you may leave you scratching your head. I know it left me scratching mine when my grandmother said it to me in the car one cold and rainy afternoon many years ago.

We were coming home from shopping at the mall, when she said, “There is a bright side to having a few enemies.”

As a teenager, that made no sense to me. “What could possibly be good about that?”

She remained rather mysterious about it. Now that I’m older, I’ve come to understand what she was saying and I admire her for the wisdom she passed on to me. Let me pass it on to you now.

Enemies can unwittingly teach us what to look out for in the future when we meet new people. From them, we learn to watch for a certain demeanor, mannerisms, body language, facial expressions, and gestures. Ultimately, we learn from them ways to avoid people who pose a threat to our progress and physical and psychological well-being, and—especially—those who mean us harm.

Even more importantly, enemies teach us to better appreciate the people who love us, and ultimately how we show unwavering and patient love to our loved ones and to ourselves.

And, in the ultimate irony, they can motivate us to succeed in life, to become better people. The lessons they teach us can drive us to make more friends and excel in everything we do. They keep us on our toes and can fuel our ambitions and dreams—actress Kate Winslet explained it in her own experience, saying in interviews how she used her enemies to stoke her determination to reach her goals.

So, enemies don’t have to be a bad thing. My enemies are my motivation! Use your enemies’ ill intentions to your advantage. I assure you it works—like Kate Winslet, I’m living proof that it works like a charm!

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Cherie White

Cherie White, both a writer and author, joined the team after being discovered by Brian through her own personal blog and through social media. She has been writing ever since she was ten years old and has a love for writing articles, short stories and novels. She became intrigued with the new Pyngby app because it helps victims pinpoint victims and their harassers for easy protection and litigation if need be. Because she experienced severe bullying from sixth grade until changing schools during her last year of high school, she has a passion for spreading bullying awareness and helping those who are bullied and abused today. Her goal is to bring down the suicide rate among bullied children, teens and young adults. Her debut novel, “From Victim to Victor” is available now at LuLu. Cherie looks forward to helping victims through Watchdog Creative.

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