A Call to Action, Part 1: A Life-Changing Opportunity

A Call to Action, Part 1: A Life-Changing Opportunity

I believe, if you’re lucky, a great, life-changing opportunity presents itself once, maybe twice, in a lifetime. I was recently presented with what I believe to be my life-changing opportunity…

I was at the airport, waiting to board a flight. It was an unusually long and winding line at TSA, and trying not to waste too much time, I was attempting to get work done on my laptop. The guy next to me introduced himself by handing me his business card.

He was Brian Rohlfing, co-founder, and CEO of Watchdog Creative. He talked with me about the app he was looking to build to help people in need. The app records conversations, texts, and pictures and stores them in a private and secure cloud. But where Brian snared my attention was with his story of where the app began, an experience he had over thirty years ago that has stuck with him to this day.

With no resolution, no “happy ending”, his story chilled me. I understood completely how such an incident could haunt someone for so many years.

Because someone close to me experienced something similar.

This person was going through a terrible divorce. The man she was married to abused her — Not physically but mentally. He would tear this woman down and berate her until she thought things were her fault. She was so worn down from it all she had even lost the power to simply stand up for herself. Even during and after her divorce, the abuse continued. Her ex would send awful emails and texts to her. He’d call and say terrible things, leaving dreadful voicemails when she didn’t pick up.

She had no way to way to capture this, no way to prove it, no witness to let her see that yes, these things were happening and yes, his communications were abusive and cruel.

What I heard in that conversation in the crawling TSA line was the solution she needed — a solution, I was sure, many women in similar circumstance now needed. What I heard was that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, a call to action to help others who have become powerless in the face of abuse or harassment or bullying to take back control in their lives and save themselves before something truly terrible happens.

Brian’s Pyngby app, I realized then, could really help change the world for people in danger of being crushed under it.  What’s more, in working with him, we’ve discovered further ways the app can help people, in counseling, in legal actions, and even in insurance situations. Given both Brian’s experience and my own, I know this is a tool that can save lives, and working to bring it to the world is my chance to help save those lives.

My once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. My call to action.

And it came to me standing in a slow line at the airport.

Pay attention. Take a chance. What will be your opportunity? Will you notice it? Will you let it pass you by? Or will you answer the call?

About the Author

Doug Uthoff

A sales professional with 10+ years of experience in the IT industry, Doug Uthoff was waiting for a flight when he crossed paths with Brian. Deeply moved by Pyngby's potential to help victims of abuse and harassment, he immediately developed a strategy for rebranding. Having a personal history with people who were victims drives his passion for helping save lives and making a difference.