Lost in the statistics: Men as victims of abuse

Lost in the statistics: Men as victims of abuse

How often does domestic violence happen in America? Unbelievably, roughly 4.7 million women face domestic abuse every single year in America, with almost one in three facing domestic violence sometime in their lifetime. Even more unbelievable is how often it also happens to men.

I recently came across this video of an apparent domestic violence situation against an Arizona Cardinals cheerleader.  She is crying to 911 that the aggressor had put her into a chokehold. Fortunately for the guy, he had recorded the whole encounter on his own mobile device. Once the police had arrived, it was very clear that that it was the woman who was the abuser, not the man.  She was subsequently arrested that evening instead of the man.

How often does the situation shown in this video happen?  Those stats are hard to determine, but reports show that, out of all the domestic violence encounters every year in the United States, 15% happen to men, with more than 1 out of 4 men (28%) experiencing domestic violence in their lifetime.  What’s more, some experts say the numbers could be much higher because the majority of men most men are too embarrassed to report such a crime, estimating that only 13.5% of intimate partner assaults against men are ever reported. Men don’t want to be perceived as unable to stand up for themselves. They fear “losing their man card” for failing in a physical conflict with a woman. They even worry that law enforcement won’t believe them.

Thankfully, as the video demonstrates, there is technology today to help dispute the issues that can come up for a man facing an abusive relationship. Recording tools, as the cheerleader video demonstrates, can provide proof that can help a man not only escape abuse, but also help him escape prosecution if facing false abuse claims made by his abuser.

National domestic violence awareness month is almost upon us. We can all help stop it and help those who are suffering, including the men who need support and understanding for the abuse they face. Anyone, woman or man, in an abusive situation should know there are plenty of people out there who are ready to help.

Do you agree men are underrepresented in national domestic violence statistics? Share why — or why not — in the comments.

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A sales professional with 10+ years of experience in the IT industry, Doug Uthoff was waiting for a flight when he crossed paths with Brian. Deeply moved by Pyngby's potential to help victims of abuse and harassment, he immediately developed a strategy for rebranding. Having a personal history with people who were victims drives his passion for helping save lives and making a difference.

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