What Does Pyngby Mean?

What Does Pyngby Mean?

In answer to founder Brian Rohlfing’s harrowing experience, in 2015 Watchdog Creative launched the StopHarassingMeNow app to help the harassed and abused.

After further improving and refining our app, the Watchdog Creative team wanted a name that reflected its purpose. Throughout history and around the world, the shield has been the both the tool and the symbol for protection, and in Chinese pingbi (pingbi) means shield. So, with a quick swap of vowels to make it unique, our app was named Pyngby — the shield for the harassed and abused.


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Patrick Dorsey

With Brian and Michael needing someone to help them share their story with the world, after a chance interview for his latest book, writer and author Patrick Dorsey joined the team. Experienced in delivering everything from user manuals to proposals to web content to varied audiences across diverse industries, his creative storytelling and writing skills define messages, entertain and inform readers, and convey narratives in a way that’s both compelling and winning.

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