What’s in a name? Everything, actually

What’s in a name? Everything, actually

It sounds strange a first, but as we launch Pyngby for Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Bullying Prevention Month, I find myself recalling my days as a young carpenter.
It’s hard to believe, but back then, we were still cutting the 2×4 door plates by hand — a tough job to do, to say the least. One day while eating lunch with all the crew, one guy pulled out a box with a new tool he had just bought — the  Sawzall. “I wouldn’t buy a Sawzall,” another guy doubted out loud, “How can it possibly saw all?”  Most of the guys there agreed — it seemed a pretty outrageous claim. Sure, it was probably good for wood, maybe some steel. But concrete? While the first guy unpacked the saw out of the box, the doubtful guy started reading the directions. “It’s a reciprocating blade,” he announced as the light flipped on in his head. “The blade moves back and forth…” One of the other guys leaned in for a look, “Oh, yeah? I could use that…”
Today I look back and wonder how we didn’t get what the tool did  — it stated it right on the box, in big letters. I think it was the name, and how it implied it could cut anything and everything that made all of the carpenters doubt that day. We knew better — nothing “saws all” and we rejected it on that. Today, if you don’t have one, your handy neighbor does.
I think of this as we launch Pyngby (formally known as Stop Harassing Me Now) because we created the app/website not fully realizing the general utility and broad power of it. Originally designed solely to empower the abused, bullied, and harassed, by catching bullying and domestic violence right when it happens and recording it as evidence that can be taken to the proper authorities. 
Record, retain, resolve — that’s what we knew it did for the people in trouble — the people we specifically designed our app/website to empower and help. 
Now that it’s out there…well, let’s just say that similarly to the Sawzall, we have uncovered numerous applications and uses for it to enhance everyday life.  
What’s in a name? As I learned as a young carpenter, pretty much everything. For better or for worse, a name defines how people perceive something.  With the ever-increasing uses we continue to discover, we renamed the app to reflect its broader possibilities. We’ve learned anytime anyone needs to record a conversation, keep it somewhere safe, and then later review it — on their own or with someone else’s help — whether it’s phone sales training or filing insurance claims, Pyngby is a perfect tool. 
The latest example I’ve had brought to my attention was a guy calling his doctor about a recent medical test. Using Pyngby, he was able record and store the conversation which allowed him to later review what the doctor discussed with him. 
Record. Retain. Resolve. We’ve found that in many circumstances, whatever you’ve got in front of you, Pyngby is the tool that can remember it for you.
Record. Retain. Review. Visit the Pynbgy website to learn about its powerful features, and discover how it can help you.

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Brian Rohlfing

Brian Rohlfing’s entrepreneurial spirit manifested in his teens, when he began constructing and flying hang gliders. After college he found he needed to build, and his pioneering approach to both rehabbing and new construction in the historic neighborhoods of St. Louis solidified his reputation as an accomplished builder and artist, leading ultimately to a career teaching creative business concepts through juggling and paper airplanes to Fortune 500 companies

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  • Cherie White
    By Cherie Reply

    I love this post and the app. It gives hope to so many people who are being bullied and harassed. How I wish this technology was available back when I was in school!

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