9/11/01 – A Day That Began America’s Downward Spiral

9/11/01 – A Day That Began America’s Downward Spiral

For the last fifteen years, my heart has ached not only for the lives lost on that fateful day, but also for the loved ones who were left behind.

I also mourn the loss of the America that I grew up in…the America that my Daddy served and took great pride in…the America whose people once felt secure and free in…the America whose schools always began the day with the Pledge of Allegiance and The Lord’s Prayer…the America without some of the ridiculous laws of today…the America whose people were never afraid to tell it like it was and call a spade a spade…the America that was not afraid to profess its faith in God.

When I watched the Twin Towers burning on my television screen that morning, I knew that our country would never again be the same, and that life as we knew it was changed forever.

I remember well the images on the news: the towers burning and falling, the streets blanketed with ash, plane parts, concrete, and papers.

But the image that haunts me the most is people plummeting 100 stories to their deaths to escape the intense heat of the burning jet fuel.

For the life of me, I cannot comprehend the terror clutching their minds as they plunged to the hard asphalt below. I cannot imagine the gut-wrenching feeling of knowing death in the next few moments is inevitable and then having to choose one horror over another.

I hope and pray that no one will ever again be put in a situation to where they would have to make a ghastly and soul-shaking decision such as that.


I also hope and pray that one day, we the people can rise up and take back not only the values and morals of those days before that attack, but also the freer, happier and more care-free America of those days.

In God We Trust

God bless the USA

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Cherie White, both a writer and author, joined the team after being discovered by Brian through her own personal blog and through social media. She has been writing ever since she was ten years old and has a love for writing articles, short stories and novels. She became intrigued with the new Pyngby app because it helps victims pinpoint victims and their harassers for easy protection and litigation if need be. Because she experienced severe bullying from sixth grade until changing schools during her last year of high school, she has a passion for spreading bullying awareness and helping those who are bullied and abused today. Her goal is to bring down the suicide rate among bullied children, teens and young adults. Her debut novel, “From Victim to Victor” is available now at LuLu. Cherie looks forward to helping victims through Watchdog Creative.

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